June 18, 2013

Captain Bill Flinders Island

On Saturday 18th May the Bayles family of Bridport brought their new vessel “Captain Bill” to Lady Barron. Named in honor of Bill Barrett; who has had a long association with shipping in the Furneaux Group (he was employed on and Captain of many wooden trading boats, on fisheries vessels and at times on the original Southern Shipping Company vessels). Now in his 90’s Bill was present for the trip.

Built at Bridport the vessel is designed to travel between Bridport and Lady Barron in much shorter time, and will be used in the future for general cargo and passengers. There will be continue to be a limit of twelve passengers each voyage, with the infrastructure for passengers offering ¬†comfortable lounge facilities. The ‘Captain Bill’ has many features that are of the latest design in the operational areas.

Residents were invited to view the vessel and enjoyed the hospitality of Matthew and Colleen Bayles, their family and staff while the new vessel was in port.

Congratulations to the Bayles family for achieving this project to continue their association with the shipping trade to and from Flinders Island.

The ‘Matthew Flinders’ will continue to be used for livestock transport and log cartage with less pressure on its sailing schedule.

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