October 28, 2010

Flinders Fishing News

Thinking of doing a spot of fishing on Flinders Island here’s the latest from local Chris Fenner.

Haven’t had much news on the fishing front due to the cold weather and cold water.

However, the water is starting to warm up and the fish are starting to appear.   Trevally have returned, there are good numbers of flathead appearing in the sounds,  calamari are here in large numbers, the best for a few years and we are anxiously awaiting the kingfish to turn up, although the water temperature needs to be a bit higher.  King George whiting, whilst here all year are starting to become a bit more plentiful.   Gummy shark should be appearing in greater numbers shortly as they move about more with the warmer water. Still plenty of salmon at NE river I hear.  Over the winter months a few runabouts ventured out to the stripey trumpeter grounds about 20 miles out from Lady Barron and had good catches of some of the best eating fish in these waters.   Anyone thinking if doing this should make sure to only go with other boats in company.  It’s a long way out for a small boat that gets into trouble and the weather can change quickly.

kindy provided by Chris Fenner

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