July 29, 2010

Flinders Island Marketing Idea

“The hammock campaign”

For years Islanders have been debating whether or not we want to attract more tourists to share this special place. In recent times there appears to have emerged a consensus that the tourism industry offers the local economy the best prospects for growth (and resulting employment for young Islanders). The marketing for Tasmania interstate is truly excellent. Every time I see one of their advertisements it make me want to go!

Every person I know who has been to both King and Flinders comments on how much more beautiful and scenic our beaches are with granite rocks and sheltered bays for swimming. It seems to me our marketing advantage is our beaches, our diving, our fishing and our rugged mountains.  I reckon we need to refocus our marketing on these themes and suggest the following as a cheap and novel idea which will get widespread coverage in the media….

1. Purchase a quantity of hammocks, printed with a Flinders Island logo/slogan.

2. Install posts with hooks to hang hammocks at numerous locations throughout the island, including all the tourist beaches, up on Strezlecki, and outside the pub if you like.

3. Provide a hammock to each person as they step off the plane, free of charge, to be returned at the airport when they depart.

4. Use images of the hammocks in all marketing material.

This idea will get widespread coverage in the travel media. It presents in one image the greatest attraction of a visit to the island (lazing on a deserted beach).  It could also promote the island outside the summer period (how good would it be to curl up in a hammock under a doona with a book on a cold day?!)

Tourists will no doubt get attached to their hammocks and we could sell them for a small profit if they want to take them home as souvenirs which will continue to market the island as they swing in suburban backyards around the country.

Clem Newton-BrownBarrister

c/- Clerk Dever

Owen Dixon Chambers

205 William St

Melbourne 3000

Hammock On a Beach

This could be you on Flinders Island, Tasmania

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