July 28, 2011

Hiking Gear Flinders Island

Hiking Gear and other Essentials

Take your hiking seriously. Don’t walk alone. Let someone know of you intentions. A lone hiker was lost for 3 days in the Strezlecki Peaks in 1999! Be prepared for the worst and walk when condition’s are optimal.

Always take with you when hiking,

Raincoat, shorts and long pants. UV cream, sunhat, sunglasses, zink cream. Day pack, compass. Tasmap: Flinders Island 1:1000000. Ample food and water. Notebook and pencil, tide guide. Basic first aid kit, roller bandages, steristrips. Small poly tarp (2m x 2m) with guys – excellent shelter. Rope/line 3-4mm… guys for your tarp! Tent pegs. Matches, toilet paper. Hiking boots – light weight and good tread for rock hopping. UHF radio, EPIRB.

The list above will help keep you safe until rescuers can find you if anything does go wrong.

This information was taken out of the book ‘The Walkes of Flinders Island’

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