January 11, 2012

Killiecrankie Creek Flinders Island

Walk 8 in the Walks of Flinders Island book, Killiecrankie Creek is a delightful stroll from the car park. This walk may reward the careful walker with sight of black swans and other water birds.Walk up the eastern side of the creek to the first major bend. There are some good views of killiecrankie beach from within the mouth of the creek and a camera can be a very worthwhile addition to your hiking gear. There are some small sandunes near the month of this creek and they may offer some shelter on a windy day. Take adequate protection with strong sun, particulary in the summer months. Clear skies can produce extreme UV radiation. A peaceful boating trip can be made up Killiecrankie Creek for about 1km when the creek is full. This is best timed when the creek is not flowing but about to burst its banks and flow in to the bay. Beware of snags and tiger snakes Рthey can swim! You will see a variety of bird lift if you paddle quietly. After you have paddled as far as is possible, moor your boat/dingy and climb up the west bank to view the giant windmill that supplies most of Killiecrankie with water.

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