December 7, 2011

Lady Barron Store Flinders Island

HELP! The Lady Barron Store is bursting at the seams!

While Max has been out front making coffee and talking to people, Vicki and Sue have been SHOPPING!!

And boy have we overdone it! There’s not a spare inch of space, and we have more on the way!

The place is packed with great gift ideas for all ages.

Can’t decide what to buy someone? Come have a wander through out aisles, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t wait too long, because the best stuff gets snatched up early.

WHAT’S NEW?Art supplies, craft kits, DS & Wii Games, MP3 players, DVD players, cameras, TVs, nice candles, vases, pretty diaries, trash packs, gomu’s, and beanies, vacuums, washing machines & fridges, and LOTS more!

Lady Barron Store is open 7 days a week for all your shopping needs!

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