November 5, 2013

Mountain Seas

Nature Experience Through Art – Flinders Island

To: Tour operators on Flinders Island

RE: Activity for rainy days, windy days….. or perfect days!

Date: 30th October 2013, likely to be revised in future.

Introduction:  A tour facing a bout of poor weather can make good use of that interlude with an activity enhances the experience of the natural beauty of this island while enjoying protection from the weather.

Location: Art Centre, 811 Trousers Point Road, excellent views, amiable interior with wood heater, Place of Assembly licence being applied for .

Duration: One Hour minimum, best at 90 minutes, and available in programs of two and three hours (or more).

Number of people: Six to 14 (and with preparation could be more than that)

Activity 1: Nature and Art: Power of Colour in Nature.

Combination of training in seeing and working with wet-on-wet with the Stockmar pigments from Germany. When one can express an experience of Nature in Colour, then one takes in the experience more deeply. Views of the ocean and Trousers Point and/or a walk in the nearby bush is the basis for working with colour. This activity emphasizes individual expression as each has his/her own station for painting. No  skills as an artist necessary.

Activity 2: Nature & Art: Dream Poles

Ideal for a group working together. Everyone listens and gazes in Nature, without conversation, for five minutes, then paints impressions of that on a single prepared pole. When the pole is dry it will be erected near the art centre, and the painters can return to it in the future to remember their day on Flinders Island.

For costs, and for a sampler of this activity, please schedule with David Tresemer at 6359 4511

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