September 5, 2011

Mt Killiecrankie Flinders Island

Mt Killiecrankie – via the Dock Road.

This aventurous walk is number 12 in the ‘Walks of Flinders Island’ book.

Drive out along the Palana road. About six kilometres past the Killiecrankie turnoff HEC lamp post number 334 is reached. A track to your left heads towards the Dock – a very spectacular and imposing seascape and worth a drive even you do not do the actual walk! This road is not presently marked on NATMAP.

About 1.5 kilometres along the Dock road you will come to closest point to Mt Killiecrankie. Leave the road apposite a dam on the ridge. Head left, approximately south-west, keeping to high ground. Aim for Wombat Rock which will become apparent. Scrub-bash your way in the general direction of the summit until you come out onto a large granite slabs of rocks. Follow the northern ridge to the trig point for commanding views of northern part of the island.

Return via the same route but take careful note of any ‘cleared’ areas that will give you an easier decent. This is a tough walk, the scrub being very think in some places. Long pants are Essential.

Mt Killiecrankie via the Dock Road – 4 hours, 3.5 kms

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