August 23, 2011

Mt Strezlecki Walk Flinders Island

Mt Strezlecki walk is number 1 in the book ‘The Walks Of Flinders Island’

This walk/hike will take you 5-6 hours return, 3-4km.

This is a serious walk not to be undertaken lightly. It is imperative that you are well equipped, take suitable clothing (more later) and that you have a reasonable level of fitness. This walk is a great challenge for any walker and with some careful planning as to probable weather conditions at the summit you will be rewarded with views of mainland Tasmania as well as the Furneaux group.

The track starts roughly opposite the turnoff to Trousers Point beach and is well signposted. Carry ample water and food. Be prepared for substantially cooler conditions at the summit. (Temperatures can fall at the rate of 1 degree Celsius per 100 metres. Therefore it is quite reasonable to expect a 6-7 degrees differential between sea level and the summit which is over 700 metres!) Mention also needs to be made of the wind -chill factor which can further reduce body temperatures quite substantially. If the forecast is for winds over 10-15 knots i would suggest postponing the hike until more favourable conditions present themselves.

A slow acent with frequent stops should get you to the top in around 3 hours. Have your camera at the ready for when you reach the summit!  Take an hour for lunch and 2 hours return. The decent can be more hazardous because of the steepness of the track and the fact that you are using your legs a breakes to slow your downward trek. And spare a thought for the Three Pecks Race paticipants who run all the way from Lady Barron to Mt Strezlecki and return – a gutsy performance.

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