July 24, 2012

Muttonbird Oil Flinders Island

Mutton Bird Oil

The main diet of Mutton Bird is krill. The oil of krill is a very rich source of Omega 3
and contains very powerful anti-oxidants. Muttonbird oil has been a part of the Furneaux Island peoples’ diet for many years.

Powerful anti-oxidants and essential Omega 3 oils support good overall health.

The many ways Mutton Bird Oil supports good health are:

Healthy heart – assists with circulation and thrombotic conditions etc.

Healthy joints – with an increase in joint comfort.

Promotes skin health.

Brain and nervous system function and development.

Healthy liver function.

Helps immune system.

Helps to ward off coughs and colds.

The list goes on to enhance your health and well-being

So visit for more information about the oil.

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