February 22, 2011

Rental Car Flinders Island

Flinders Island Car Rentals 2000 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan AutomaticFlinders Island Car Rentals have a large range of Hire cars on Flinders Island from small sedans, large sedans, station wagons, Ute and minibuses. The large sedans for hire have traditionally been Mitsubishi Magna’s with automatic transmission, the oldest member of our large sedan hire car fleet is white sedan one or W/S 1 for short a 2000 Mitsubishi Magna Executive sedan automatic purchased in July 2007. The hire car has been very reliable and well used as a rental car traveling in excess of 85,000 kilometers around Flinders Island; from Politicians to retires it has transported its share of visitors over the last few years. 

The Magna hire car has ample room for 5 adults, especially those blessed with taller physiques and huge boot space for everyone’s luggage. The 3.5 L petrol engine is powerful and responsive especially when you drive up to the many scenic lookouts like Walkers or Mt. Tanner. Front Wheel means greater control when navigating the gravel roads on Flinders Island and with the combination of power steering and air conditioning offering a comfortable cool drive. Especially on a hot summers day Flinders Island temperatures can reach over 30 degrees, but with over 120 beaches to choose from you will always be able to drive to a secluded beach to cool off.

Hire Cars on Flinders Island always have their fair share of minor scrapes and plenty of stone chips this Magna sedan is no different. It’s most interesting bingle came after a long drive back from Trousers Point when three ladies had gone out for tea and where on their way back to their accommodation. One lady passenger congratulated the lady driver as they pulled in the driveway on avoiding the wildlife and getting them back safely and as the driver was about to park the car she pulled too close to the concrete step, damaging the BullBar and bumper. It hasn’t deterred them from visiting Flinders though they have been back again twice and will visit again in the future always keeping a look out for wildlife and concrete steps.

With the abundant Wildlife around the Island Flinders Island Car Rentals do advise to drive carefully at night and do not try to avoid the Wallabies or wombats by swerving. The hire car bumpers and bull bars are much cheaper to replace than human life and we recommend not taking chances with yours or your passengers.

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