June 26, 2010

Tree Action Group – Native Flinders Island Gums

Another beautiful winter day on Flinders Island and after a busy morning wood cutting on our bush blocks on Palana Road, we had enough time left to head up to Flinders Island District High School and purchase some native trees for the backyard. After all of Justin’s Backyard blitzing in the centre of the yard we have decided to plant native gums around the boundary to provide a wind break in years to come.

The Tree Action Group is a volunteer oganisation mainly folks from Lady Barron, that operate a nursery at the School. They harvest seeds from native plants on the Island and propergate them to sell the local Island residents, all the seedlings are well priced from $1 to $2 each, too cheap really. We choose 20 in all a mixture of native gum trees which have a very bushy undergrowth and two varieties of native flowering gum one a Hakea Lurina, with beautiful red and white flowers. It will take a good few years for the trees to become established and provide shelter and privacy, not that we need privacy on Flinders Island, perhaps stop the Wallabies peeking in, but the possums will get a birds eye view.

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