January 20, 2011

Ute Hire Flinders Island

2005 Ford Courier Ute 2WD- Manual
The Dual Cab at the Golf Course playing a round of golf, Flinder Island

 In 2000 after looking long and hard for another Station Wagon to join the Flinders Island Car Rentals hire car fleet and not finding one we decide to purchase a Dual Cab Ute. Thinking Tradesmen and Fishermen would appreciate the ability to throw the tools or rods in the tray and not have to be concerned with damaging the interior of a station wagon the 2000 Ford Courier Dual Cab has been a great utility to hire out. With vinyl flooring which means no carpet it is by far the fastest and easiest hire car to clean and keep clean. The tub tray has plenty of room for gear like, eskies, tools, fishing rods and luggage and with five seats and room for four adults comfortably it’s perfect for a group of blokes on Island for a weekend of fishing and barbequing.

Over the years the Ute has travelled over 100,000 kilometres on Flinders Island, transported many a fish and probably heard plenty of tales about the ones that got away. Absentee Flinders Island residents like being able to hire the Ute do to some back yard blitzing, load up the tray and take all the unwanted debris to the tip. The Ute endures quite a bit of rough treatment, with fishermen keen to go wherever the fish are biting sometimes down the no go dirt tracks , but to our knowledge the Ute has not been bogged yet. Its front bumper has been replaced twice and the bull bar reinforced to protect the bumper from a third replacement.

The “Dual Cab” as we call it will continue to be a valuable hire car in the Flinders Island Car Rentals fleet and we have plans to soon replace the tub tray with a flat tray to make it even more versatile.

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