September 11, 2012

Walks on Flinders Island


A very remote yet tranquil backwater of Marshall Bay, Tanner Bay is a shell seeker’s delight at low tide and the great view of Marriott Reef will distract your concentration as you negotiate the ‘mountains’ of seaweed which pile up in the north-eastern corner of Tanners Bay.

Entry to Tanners Bay is via a short track from the West End road which meets the coast at Duck Island. This walk is most rewarding if one attempts to reach Marshall Rock, some 5 kilometres south-east of Duck Island. The creek adjacent to Marriott Reef may present a problem – soft sand that is boggy after rains. Unless this walk is attempted at low tide levels, parties may find the seaweed mountains difficult and tiring to negotiate. Look out for the stray nautilus shell in this area!

This walk will take 2-3 hrs, 9 kms long.

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