December 29, 2010

Flinders Island Adventures

Flinders Island Adventures are the island’s most comprehensive tour company with Four Wheel Drives, Mini Bus and Fishing Boat and trained guides that know the history and stories of the island like the back of their hand. Each year they regularly provide tours to groups and individuals including the passengers of the Orion, which cruise past Flinders Island anchoring at Trousers Point for a day during their Tasmanian Food & Wine cruise.
Orion Expeditation Cruise on Flinders Island

Orion Expeditation Cruise on Flinders Island


Hobart, Tasmania, Port Arthur, Wineglass Bay & Coles Bay, Launceston, Flinders Island, At sea, Eden, Sydney, New South Wales 

Latitude: 40°3’S
Longitude: 147°55’E
This remote, windswept and starkly beautiful island off the north-eastern coast of Tasmania boasts rugged landscapes, granite peaks, pristine beaches and headlands of granite boulders encrusted with orange lichen. The best way to experience the isolation of Flinders Island is to take a hike. There’s an easy walk available from our landing spot at Trouser’s Point or for the fit take a hike in Strzelecki National Park. Wildlife is plentiful and includes wallabies, pademelons (sometimes referred to as the rufous wallaby), wombats, echidnas, and bird life that is rich and varied. Wybalenna on Flinders Island is infamous for being the site of the last colony of Tasmanian Aborigines and we’ll learn more of this sad chapter in Australia’s history. 

Flinders Island tour Furneaux Museum
 Flinders Island tour on location at Furneaux Museum
Orion Cruise at Flinders Island Tasmania

Orion Cruise Itinerary 2 for Flinders Island Tasmania

Orion Cruise Itinerary for Flinders Island Tasmania

Orion Cruise Itinerary 1 for Flinders Island Tasmania

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