Flinders Island History

Flinders Island Salted Mutton-bird

After enjoying a large fat salted mutton-bird for lunch today Rowena can not wait to go mutton birding again, still 9 months to go. The mutton-bird or “short-tailed shearwater”,  is a yearly visitor to Flinders Island, Tasmania. Flying in around September the adult birds prepare their burrow, mate and lay their single egg in that burrow, in the many rockeries scattered around the […]

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Mt Strzelecki National Park & Walk

Mt Strzelecki National Park  is around 4216 hectares in total on Flinders Island, Tasmania. The national park is home to a variety of diverse ecosystems and landscapes. Named in 1972 after the Polish explorer & scientist Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki, who in 1842 climbed many of the peaks on Flinders Island. Mt Strzelecki is the highest mountain peak on Flinders Island. The […]

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