January 31, 2011

Furneaux Museum Flinders Island.

Exhibition Gallery.

 Come visit the Furneaux Museum, Flinders IslandInside the Exhibition Gallery, Furneaux Museum, Flinders IslandNext time you’re visiting Flinders Island take a leisurely drive to the Furneaux Museum, Emita. Take an extensive look at the Exhibition Gallery situated at the front of the museum.  Walk in the door and be greeted by one of the locals who volunteer there time to be at the gallery.

Walking into the exhibition gallery you will find very old books that look so interesting that you will be dying to pull one off the shelf and immerse yourself in the pages.

If you’re interested in plants, animals or both, you can find a great deal of information on all of our native flora and fauna in the Exhibition Gallery. Did you know there are 19 mammals found in the Furneaux Group?

Find loads of information on local weeds and what damage they’re doing to the land and how to help prevent them from spreading.

As you are looking around the Exhibition gallery you may find a stuffed Cape Barren Goose and a Mutton Bird which also includes their eggs on display. This gives you a detailed look at the birds as if they were out in the wilderness.

Take a look at the very large hand drawn map of Flinders Island situated near the centre of the room. 14,000 years ago the Furneaux Group would have been the bridge that joins Tasmania to Victoria.

Have a look through Mrs Polly Coster’s feral cat’s photos. Polly went to the local parks and wildlife ranger back in 2001 to let them know there was a feral cat problem down Emita. They did not believe her so Polly took a photograph of every feral cat she had caught and euthanized. Polly took over 50 photos, some containing 2 cats or more, which proved her point that Emita did have a feral cat problem.

Have a sit down and watch the DVD presentation located on the left hand side of the gallery, watch presentations about Shorebirds, Estuaries and the Aboriginal Land Council.

When you’re leaving the exhibition gallery make sure you have a look at what’s on offer from our locals. You may want to buy some locally made soap and lip barm from Blue Rocks Soap and Essentials. You can buy some books about Flinders Island of if you need a calendar they are also available.

Cost of Entry is $4.00 per person, all proceeds go to maintaining the museum.

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