July 23, 2012

Flinders Island Meat

Flinders Island Meat is situated on Flinders Island, between mainland Australia and Tasmania. The pastures on Flinders Island benefit from the high winds that cross thousands of kilometres of ocean, and rise to lightly dust the grasses with a gentle covering of sea salt – it is this extra seasoning to our pastures that gives prime lamb, milk fed lamb, and pasture fed wallaby products a distinctive taste that you can’t find anywhere else.

 Flinders Island Meat Products – Pasture Fed Wallaby, Prime Lamb, Milk Fed Lamb & Angus Beef.

 These products are sold to many companies in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

 Those companies are –


Distributors/Direct to the public

Vic’s Premium Quality Meats, Wangara Poultry and Game

 Restaurants – Attica, Vue De Monde, Jacques Reymond, Grossi Florentino, Sarti, Ten Minutes By Tractor, The Royal Mail

 Retail – Peter Bouchiers Butcher of Distinction, Wangara Poultry and Game, Organic Gertrude


Distributors/Direct to the public –

Vic’s Premium Quality Meats

 Retail –

Victor Churchill, Woollahra


Distributors/ Direct to Public


 Flinders Island Meat is an environmental conscious company. They wish to minimize emissions produced on Flinders Island by creating the Flinders Island Meat Sustainable Rendering Plant Project. Flinders Island Meat has plans in place to construct a rendering plant with attached bio-diesel facility at the abattoir site. This plant will turn ordinary waste materials from the processing of livestock, and turn it into useable fuel – Biodiesel.

This biodiesel will be used to fuel all of the machinery at the plant, and will also be used as a sustainable green fuel to burn cleanly in the council’s on-island diesel generators, responsible for powering the Island’s electricity grid. Flinders Island Meat will be able to power around 25% of the island’s electricity needs once the plant is built.

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