North East River – Fishing Spots, Beaches and Killiecrankie Diamonds

Travel north on Palana Road, take the West End turn off and slowly wind your way to the top of Mount Tanner, from the summit you can enjoy panoramic views of Killiecrankie bay, the outer islands even as far as the Kent Group which includes Deal Island. Head back to Palana Road and continue north turning right at North East River Road, soon you will approach North East River a tidal estuary and seabird habitat. Snorkel or swim in the warm inlet water as the incoming tide creeps over the hot sand, with rock pools to explore and beaches to comb it is a favourite with visitors. Why not try your luck with a spot of fishing using a lure for Black Back Salmon around the change of tide, or snorkel to spear a Flounder at low tide. The river mouth is also a popular break for surfers and body boarders, be aware of strong tides and rips. With picnic tables and toilet facilities, it is a perfect spot for morning tea or lunch.

Next venture back to Palana Road and head north to Palana, a large sweeping beach good for a stroll on the sand, while viewing the Sisters Islands to the north.

From Palana travel south, turning off to Killiecrankie. Both Palana and Killiecrankie beaches are good fishing for Salmon, Flathead or Trevally, suggested bait Pilchards or squid (better luck with an incoming tide). Walk around the Killiecrankie beach to Stackies Bite (1 hr) or stop at Diamond Gully (40mins) and do some fossicking for Diamonds. If tackling the climb to Mt. Killiecrankie (316m) allow 4 to 6 hours and get directions before you venture off. The northwest sea cliffs of Mt Killiecrankie are popular with rock climbers, bring your own equipment and plan to be fairly self reliant.

Drive Highlights

  • Mount Tanner Lookout
  • North East River Inlet
  • Palana Beach
  • Mount Killiecrankie Walk
  • Killiecrankie Bay


  • Snorkelling
  • Diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Beachcombing
  • Diamond Fossicking